The Mission of the Midway Wolverines Football & Cheerleading Association is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experiences for all kids while teaching them the game of football and the joy of being a cheerleader.

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Midway Wolverines Cheerleading


Uniform fitting dates for the 2023 season:

  • Thursday, April 19th 6-8pm
  • Saturday, May 13th 10-12pm
  • Wednesday, June 7th 6-8pm

Midway Park Community Building 

5100 Post Road 


We will have a Varsity representative measuring each cheerleader for a custom fit. It is important to attend for the uniform to fit properly and be ordered in time for the first game. 

  • all cheerleaders are required to attend one fitting
  • cheerleaders should wear a bathing suit and bring socks
  • send only one parent and no siblings please if possible 


We are so excited to see our new and returning cheerleaders! Go Wolverines!

For any questions, please email 


Important dates:


Cheer Camp at Twisters

Saturday, July 29th


Picture Day

Sunday, August 20th





Midway Park Cheerleading is a legacy that began over a decade ago.  As the official youth program sanctioned by the County under West Forsyth High School, we are excited to welcome your family to the association and community.  

The Midway Wolverines participate in youth football and cheerleading as part of the Forsyth County Youth Football and Cheerleading Association (FCYFA).

Midway Park Football and Cheerleading Association is a non-profit organization run by dedicated community members and volunteers.  As a Forsyth County Recreational Program, our focus is on creating a positive experience for our players, cheerleaders, volunteers and their families.


Age and Grade Requirements

To be eligible for cheerleading, participants must be at least 5 years of age on August 31 of the current season and no more than 14 years of age by August 31 of the current season to be able to participate. The age groups are based on grade first with a max age per grade.  Cheerleaders may cheer up one age group with prior approval from the Vice President of Cheerleading but cheering down is not permitted.


Cheering Up

Cheering up means that your child has received prior approval from the Vice President of Cheerleading to cheer one grade-level up from where they are in school.  For example, a cheerleader starting the school year and cheer season in kindergarten can cheer up one grade-level, which would be 1st grade; please note, our Kindergarten and 1st graders cheer on the same squad.  A child starting the school year and cheer season in first grade can cheer up one grade-level, which would be 2nd grade.  A final example would be a child starting the school year and cheer season in second grade can cheer up one grade-level, which would be 3rd grade and so forth.



All our cheer coaches, assistant coaches and cheer board / committee members are background checked through the county at the beginning of the season and are certified by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) organization.  All coaches will participate in a stunting technique and safety clinic with professionals from Twisters Cheer Gym prior to the start of the season to ensure proper and age-appropriate stunting.



Your registration fee includes the following:

  • FCYFA insurance for your cheerleader 
  • Cheer warm-up (jacket with cheerleader’s name and leggings)
  • Practice uniform* (t-shirt & shorts); *mandatory to be worn at all practices/camps/clinics 
  • Shoes;
  • Game-day bow;
  • Bloomers;
  • Poms (returned at the end of the season);
  • Cheer and Chant Clinic hosted by West Forsyth High School Cheerleading
  • **uniform, warm-up, practice uniform, shoes, bloomers & bow are the cheerleaders to keep!**

Squad Fund

Each squad collects team funds for use throughout the season for items such as: special bows for Childhood Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness months, Cheer Bowl bows/socks, end of the season gifts/party, etc.  Each squad sets their own budget; please speak with your coach or team mom if you have questions.



During the season, the program may hold a fundraiser(s) to help with equipment, game-day officials, administrative fees, etc. Participation is strongly encouraged. 



Games are typically held on Saturdays.  In the event participant registrations throughout the county are higher than expected, an evening game during the week may be required.  The season runs from early August until mid-November.

Cheer participants and their squads must cheer at all events in which their football team participates.  This includes, but is not limited to regular season games, playoffs and Lanier Bowl.


Paperwork Required Prior to Participation

Prior to participation in our football and cheerleading program, your child must have a current physical (dated January 1, 2023 or after to ensure your child is cleared to play their sport through our entire season) and a copy of her birth certificate.  The birth certificate proves your child’s age and thereby participation in our program; this is also a country requirement.  This paperwork, as well as consents to play (received from the coach), must be given to your child’s coach prior to practices beginning.

During the season, this paperwork is held in our coach’s notebook and brought to practices / games in case of question. After the season, this paperwork is given back to the family or shredded.



All practices are to be conducted outdoors at Midway or Sawnee Mountain Parks in the areas designated by the county for our program.

Cheerleading is a team sport and to effectively field a squad for half-time routines and Cheer Bowl, the team must perform in unison to a routine set to music. Each cheerleader has a part in every routine and must attend all practice for the squad to be successful. When members of the team are missing, formations will be off, partner stunts and pyramids cannot be executed. If the routine is not learned and perfected, the team will not be successful. Therefore, excessive absences or tardiness to practice cannot be tolerated and will be addressed by the coach and / or Director of Cheerleading. Practices during the month of October are mandatory for Cheer Bowl participants.


Practice schedules are determined by the Coach and must abide by the rules below:

Before school begins:

5-8 year olds can practice six (6) hours (3 meetings) per week.

9-14 year olds can practice eight (8) hours (4 meetings) per week until school begins.

After school begins:

5-8 year olds can practice no more than four (4) hours (2 meetings) during the week and two (2) hours on Saturday.

9-14 year olds can practice no more than six (6) hours (3 meetings) during the week and two (2) hours on Saturday.

When the season begins:

5-8 year olds can practice no more than four (4) hours (2 meetings) per week

9-14 year olds can practice no more than six (6) hours (3 meetings) per week.


5-6 year olds cannot practice past 8:00 pm*

7-10 year olds cannot practice past 8:30 pm*

11-14 year olds cannot practice past 9:00 pm*


*This rule does not apply to any participant choosing to cheer up.


Uniforms / Alterations

Each participant is required to attend one uniform fitting.  This will ensure your cheerleader has a custom fitted uniform for games/Cheer Bowl.  Please have your daughter wear a swimsuit and socks to the fitting.