The Mission of the Midway Wolverines Football & Cheerleading Association is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experiences for all kids while teaching them the game of football and the joy of being a cheerleader.

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2018 Cheer Bowl

K/1 Division:

1st Place: Wolverine Cubs 
3rd Place: The Golden Girls


2nd Grade Division:

1st Place: Midway Wolverettes 
4th Place: Midway Blue Angels


3rd Grade Division:

1st Place: Little Lady Wolverines 
3rd Place: Midway Gold Crush


4th/5th Grade Division:

1st Place: Midway Candy Crush 
2nd Place: Midway Darling Divas


2017 Cheer Bowl

K / 1 Division

1st place: Midway Wolverine Cubs

2nd place: Midway Wolverettes


2 / 3 Division

1st place: Midway Surfer Girls

2nd place: Midway Dynamite Divas

3rd place: Midway Show Stoppers


4 / 5 Division

2nd place: Midway Solid Gold

4th place: Midway Hot Shots

5th place: Midway Pom Pom Pack


6 / 8 Division

2nd place: Midway Encore


2016 Cheer Bowl

K / 1 Division

1st place: Midway Cub Cuties


2 / 3 Division

2nd place: Midway Pop Stars

3rd place: Midway Dynamite Divas


4 / 5 Division

3rd place: Midway Crazy Train


6 / 8 Division

1st place: Midway Fusion